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Artist Statement

I am a UK based contemporary visual artist. My work has exhibited at the LoosenArt Millepiani gallery in Rome, at the Blank wall gallery in Athens, and at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography. I became an associate member of the Aspex gallery in Portsmouth, England, in 2019. 

My perspective of photography is that it has the capacity to be poetic.  That there is, something beyond the World that we see which photography can reveal.

My own practise is about discovery. It’s about coming upon objects that speak, while wandering with my camera. I then try to show them in a different light than how we are used to encountering them. The common theme in my work, even though the subject varies due to the roaming nature of my practise, is always to look for the unexpected in the ordinary.

I take photographs of objects that I find in landscapes. Not because of what these objects are, but because I believe they have the potential to be elevated in a photograph. My photographs aim to show transcendence in our everyday environments.