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Artist Statement

I became an associate member of Aspex gallery in 2019. My photographs aim to explore the tension between open and closed spaces. The narratives that interest me concern the lives of outsiders, and the spaces they occupy are now what feature in my photography.

I have a background as a visual artist, and have had a graphic novel published. When I was drawing, I was most interested in abstracting natural shapes, such as shadows forming on the body, through techniques such as chiaroscuro. Learning this visual language first has benefited my photography, as has an awareness of pictorial space and composition.

Now when I am attracted to a visually interesting scene, the medium of photography allows me to approach it, capture it, and ultimately set it, using drawing techniques more spontaneously. For example, by exploring the physical spaces around the focal point from multiple perspectives, I can quickly re frame the meaning of the focal point as its context within the overall composition changes.

Studying Web Science, at the University of Southampton has allowed me to adopt a more critical eye to our changing social reality. While seemingly making us more connected, the web has also alienated our human experiences. By making so much available to look online, we become less aware of the barriers that exist in our everyday lives. I have since become fascinated by the photographic legacy of Bas Jan Ader with his images of urban anomie.

My work is based upon reflecting on these influences, so that the dominant theme of my photographs is to draw attention to the hidden meanings in seemingly neutral spaces on the edge of our town and cities.